About the Prince Henry Group


At the Prince Henry Group, we celebrate the motto that “Well Allocated Capital Is An Accelerator of Prosperity.”* Guided by this philosophy, the Prince Henry Group was founded in 2000, making investments on a case-by-case basis until launching our first fund, Prince Henry Navigator I, in 2007. Since its inception, the Prince Henry Group has grown not only with valued investors but also with the development of a charitable endeavor, The Prince Henry Charitable Foundation.

Both sides of the Prince Henry Group work with the same motto in mind: “Backing People We Admire Whose Incentives Align With Our Own.” The Prince Henry Group’s mission centers on that motto, inspired by Portugal’s Prince Henry the Navigator. Prince Henry served as a capital allocator backing the explorers whose missions he deemed most valuable.

*Legatum Capital, as quoted in the December 27, 2006 Financial Times article “Chandlers Plot Their Passage To India”

Prince Henry Investments

The Prince Henry Group provides professional investment vehicles that enable high net worth investors access to a diversified pool of proven investment managers with outstanding investment track records. In allocating capital to these proven managers, we follow the above principle of “Backing People We Admire Whose Incentives Align With Our Own.” The Prince Henry Investment funds, managed by Dan Anglin, strive first to preserve capital and then to compound it at the highest possible rates over a long-term investment horizon, while keeping the first priority in place.

Res ipsa loquitur” is latin for “the thing speaks for itself.” In this vein, the best way to understand the Prince Henry Group’s investments is to look at the investments our funds own. This link shows our seven largest investments, what we call, the big rocks.

Prince Henry Charitable Foundation

In 2008, during the height of the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression, one investor challenged the firm to attempt to live up to the spirit of the quote, “Well Allocated Capital Is An Accelerator of Prosperity.” At that time, charities serving our society’s most needy were suffering from acute financial distress and desperately needed help.In addition, funding was generally easier to obtain for a new charity than for an existing charity that was already demonstrating its efficacy. Hence in 2008, this combination led us to try to help by starting the Prince Henry Charitable Foundation.

The foundation focuses first on charities that Prince Henry’s clients run, serve, and support and helps to provide expansion and growth funding for those initiatives. The list of charities with which we have had the privilege to partner since 2008 appears in the “Investments” section of the Prince Henry Charitable Foundation web pages. The Prince Henry Charitable Foundation encourages each charity with which we work to think of the foundation’s money as temporary funding designed to help the organization reach the next logical step in its service trajectory.

Ideally, the Prince Henry Charitable Foundation not only invests but also does so in an innovative way, via challenge grants and similar mechanisms that help the charity produce a multiplier effect in support of its funding needs. While success metrics for the charities vary given the charities’ individual missions, failure from the Prince Henry Charitable Foundation’s perspective consists of a charity that continually needs help to fund the same needs instead of having used the foundation’s support to help reach a new level of service.

Using the same model of investing as the Prince Henry Investment entity of the Prince Henry Group, the Prince Henry Charitable Foundation works to change the way non-profits think about expansion and sustainability, applying a business-model approach to the non-profit sector to foster innovation and produce lasting change.