Prince Henry Charitable Foundation

Early Navigation1The Prince Henry Charitable Foundation helps foster scalable solutions to intractable social problems by backing proven worthy causes that can scale to serve more people.

The foundation provides strategic advice and financial capital to organizations and individuals with a proven track record of producing outstanding results at a local level and strong potential for large-scale expansion. By focusing on maximizing the reach and results of the most promising local organizations, the foundation seeks to foster innovation and produce lasting change.

The foundation seeks to fund organizations with the following characteristics:

  • A proven track record of small-scale success;
  • A bold idea for expansion/growth that is feasible;
  • Clear sense of mission guided by strong, committed leadership and staff;
  • Strong commitment to, and knowledge of, the population served;
  • Willingness to evaluate impact and make changes necessary to achieve desired results.


The Prince Henry Charitable Foundation has been established as a Domestic Charitable Organization under Section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Generally, contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible pursuant to Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code subject to the limitations therein. As each donor’s tax situation is different and the Foundation does not provide tax advice it is recommended that you consult your tax advisor for the deductibility of your individual contribution.